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Wellbeing and Mental Health 

Mental Wellbeing refers to our sense of self and our ability to live our lives as close as possible to the way we want to; a flourishing mental wellbeing is associated with meeting our potential, developing strong relationships and doing things that we consider important and worthwhile.

Positive management  mental health underpins effective employee engagement and benefits everyone – employees, employers and the bottom line. If you look after your employees' mental wellbeing, then levels of engagement will rise and so will staff morale and loyalty, innovation, productivity and profits.

Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work

TMGB INNOVATIONS offers webinars, training and short courses in the following areas:

•    Defining and Understanding Mental Health 
•    Defining and Understanding Wellbeing
•    The Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Mental Health

•    Wellbeing and Mental Health in Everyday life
•    Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work
•    Managing Stress and anxiety

•    Tips for good mental health and wellbeing
•    Things to look out for - in ourselves and others (Common Mental Health Issues)
•    It’s not bad to feel sad & Take time to be Kind


Team Meeting.
Creative Media Team
Team Meeting.

•    A Trauma – Informed Approach
•    The importance of Normalising Mental Health and Challenging Mental Health stigma
•    Understanding the relationship between Mental Health and Wellbeing

•    Types of Environments Which are Detrimental to Good Mental Health
•    How to support people experiencing poor mental health – a trauma informed, talk therapy approach 

•    How To Create a Psychologically Safe Environment
•    How to Avoid Making Assumptions and Diagnosing
•    Courageous Conversations about Mental Health
•    Mental Health, Wellbeing and Inequality


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