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Anti - Racism

We help organisations to become Anti - Racist.

Anti-racism encompasses a range of ideas and political actions which are meant to counter racial prejudice, systemic racism, and the oppression of specific racial groups. Anti-racism is usually structured around conscious efforts and deliberate actions which are intended to provide equal opportunities for all people on both an individual and a systemic level. As a philosophy, it can be engaged in by the acknowledgment of personal privileges, confronting acts as well as systems of racial discrimination, and/or working to change personal racial biases.

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Anti – Racist Education

Being an anti-racist educator means developing or growing an anti-racist mindset and agenda and using that to shape your teaching practices.

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Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

A culturally responsive learning environment is a place where everybody belongs. a place where every person can be their authentic whole human selves. 
The posters and images on walls, books and materials on shelves, the furniture and flow of the space all radiate belonging. 

Culturally responsive learning environments offer a learning environment where every student's cultures, languages, and life experiences are acknowledged, validated, and celebrated.

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