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Jeremy Phillips,

 Jeremy Phillips Consulting

Talmud has a unique ability seen in the best of trainers and facilitators: Through his gentle, probing spirit and diverse toolkit, he creates space for discovery, innovation, necessary discomfort, and solutions.  He makes the difficult seem effortless.  The tense becomes playful. The opaque turns clear.

Noemi Canelles

Consultant Sociologist at the Prevention Services Department

Barcelona, Spain

I met Talmud in a training workshop whilst he was a consultant for Open Society Foundations. I was impressed by both his enthusiasm and his knowledge. When a similar project was launched in Barcelona, it had to be him to train the whole team. Talmud came and helped us envision the project, he gave us loads of useful tips, and more than that, he shared with us his beliefs and his passion for working with people. His commitment is just inspiring, and he makes you want to be a better professional and person.

Janet Daby MP



Member of Parliament

Talmud's programme will be of great benefit  in the UK.

This Unconscious bias training is innovative and looks at micro inequities, implicit bias, metacognition, divergent thinking, effective communication and relationship building.

Nick Glynn,
Senior Program Officer, Open Society Foundation

I've worked with Talmud both in the UK and abroad, in my capacity as a senior police officer whilst working with Open Society Foundations as an advisor when looking at the issue of racism, discrimination and unconscious bias in policing. I found Talmud to be a calm, intelligent, insightful person who developed great relationships with people and was able to support their development. He is a skilled trainer/facilitator and a pleasure to work with.

Vincent Neate,

former Head of Sustainability Services, & Partner at KPMG UK 

“I have known Talmud for many years and from early on he became someone I knew I could always rely on for a wise and insightful perspective.  He is patient and listens no matter the subject and will always think deeply before giving advice. He has on many occasion shown that he knows my heart and mind as well as I do and he has a wonderful ability to make you feel powerful and good about yourself no matter the challenges you think you face.”

Dr Ian Dodds FRSA, lotus Award Winner, 2017, for Lifetime Achievement in Pioneering Inclusive Cultures, TMGB Associate

'Talmud is an exceptional colleague and professional. 

I have known Talmud for four years and have found him to be insightful, conscientious and diligent in his approach to inclusion and diversity. 

As well as sharing my own practice with him, Talmud has developed his own innovative approach to behaviour change, building an inclusive culture, tapping into undiscovered talent and group dynamics. He, and his team, have the know how to successfully build Inclusive Cultures that deliver high performance, great customer service, race and gender equality, innovation, high levels of employee well-being and high levels of employee engagement.

I'm proud to be an associate in TMGB'S endeavours and would highly recommend Talmud, and his team, to any business or organisation'.  

L. Warren Pimm, Former founding Partner at SDCL LLP, Partner and Sr. Managing Director at Pan American Finance

'In an international, global community, diversity is now the norm - in organisations, governments, schools, and society at large.  In that context, cultural bias, either conscious or unconscious, has no place in our world today.  Critically important though - just getting over the "first step" of getting along and working together is the only the lowest step to achieve.  We need to work together to unlock the much higher results that can come from embracing diversity with an organisation, unlocking the learnings, understandings, and life lessons from each other’s cultures and backgrounds.  Only then can we achieve a much higher set of outcomes for our organisations, schools, governments, and societies. Only then do we unlock our true potential.


Talmud Bah, and his team from TMBG Innovations achieves these higher level outcomes with the organisations they work with.  They go well beyond the initial steps of identifying conscious or unconscious bias, and working to have diverse groups work together at a base level.  They move much higher up the achievement chain in creating true understandings, that embrace the completeness, and incredible value of our differences in transforming the organisations that they work with. 


We recommend any organisation work closely and at length with Talmud and his team at TMGB Innovations, in unlocking the true potential of your organisation'.
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