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The Portable Temple

A mindful and uplifting toolkit to help you navigate life’s challenges and authentically improve your perception of life every day.
This amazing and engaging book will inspire and motivate you to positively change your relationship with life, anxiety, aspiration, and purpose.

The Portable Temple is responsive, open, and sensitive enough, to offer you what you need, on many different levels. International coach, consultant, and behavioural educationalist Talmud Bah shares the insights which have benefited thousands of people over the last two decades in The Portable Temple.


“All things exist in the moment, in the perpetual now, our yesterdays and tomorrows are a product of what we do in the present”.
Invest in your well-being today, your Portable Temple awaits…

Talmud Bah

Inspirational Quotes and Strategies on Motivation, Stress, Happiness, Regret and More to Help You On Your Journey through Life

The Portable Temple will guide, help, and support you, on your journey of self–discovery, personal and professional development, reflection, growth, and aspiration, giving you ideas, inspirational and motivational quotes, and strategies on: 

•    Stress: Deconstructed, Disembodied and Managed
•    Losing Your Spark and Finding It Again:
Using the Negative as a Platform for Self-Discovery
•    How to Remain Clear, Calm and Objective When Under Pressure
•    How To Stop Regretting Regret
•    How To Manage Workplace Dynamics
•    Mindset and Self - Perception
•    Vulnerability & Hope
•    Striving and Thriving and much more…


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